Duckin n Divin

Graham Dee is back with his latest project, a brand new album called ‘The Thirteenth Man’ released through Tin-Kan Records on June 2nd  on vinyl, CD and download.


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Especially for Record Store Day he’s taken a song from the album called ‘Duckin n Divin’ and pressed it as a 45rpm 10” single available at independent record stores as a limited edition on April 19th and on download the following week.


The recording process for Duckin n Divin was, to say the least, unconventional.  “I’ve produced a lot of records in my time, but this was definitely a one-off experience”.  The album began its life at a recording studio about a hundred miles from Graham’s home. All was going well. Graham had put on some guitar and basic vocals to establish the feel and he had begun putting on drums and guitar solos. Then, due to unforeseen circumstances, the studio closed down. Graham was faced with a dilemma. He didn’t want to go to another studio because he had built up a good working relationship with the engineer, Martin Smith, and wanted to continue to record the album with him. There seemed nothing else for it, Martin and all the studio equipment including the mixing desk would have to be, back-breakingly, transferred to where else? Graham’s apartment, of course!

What followed during the next few months was a period of chaos, creativity, a lot of frustration and a lot of laughs. The final vocal tracks were put on in the toilet whilst guitar solos pounded out from the bedroom, endured by an ever-patient band of neighbours. Simon and Ellen, Graham’s stalwart friends, were kept busy in the kitchen feeding producer, engineer and musicians whilst Jack the dog occupied himself by getting under everyone’s feet. Miraculously, the recording and mixing of the album was finally completed and everyone gave a great sigh of relief. But, when it came time for the great mixing desk and it’s entourage to go, all of those present felt an unexpected pang of sadness. Somehow it felt like an era had come to an end. But, as the words of the song say, we’ve gotta, ‘Keep pushin on, no more turning around’

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