Remembering Elvis


In commemoration of the recording, 60 years ago, of Elvis’ first single, ‘That’s All Right’, on July 5th 1954, we thought we’d put on this little story.

It was an evening in the late 70s in North Hollywood and Graham had been invited to the Gibb Senior household through Janet Gross - ”A ’terrific lady’ who became a lifelong friend”. Graham originally met her at United Artists but she was now working for The Robert Stigwood Organisation. It was a small gathering to celebrate the birthday of the Bee Gees’ sister. Andy Gibb was the brother who was most known to Graham, and he was there with his partner Victoria Principal. There was also Martin Sheen, Mark Hulett, Andy’s manager. Jerry Shilling formerly of Elvis’ entourage and an ex-Elvis backing singer, Mirna Smith of ‘Sweet Inspiration’.

Andy Gibb and Victoria

“Andy was sitting on his father’s organ stool singing and Mirna and I were sitting on the floor on backing vocals.We went on to sing some Elvis songs and then Lulu arrived with her new husband John Frieda and joined in with the harmonies. Another guest, Colonel Tom Parker, the late Elvis’ manager sat across the room in a corner. Andy launched into ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and I noticed Janet Gross gesturing to me from across the room. She nodded in the direction of Colonel Tom and as I looked over at him I saw a couple of tears rolling down the side of his cheek. I guess the song had stirred up some memories”.

Colonel Tom Parker



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