The Screamable Walker Brothers

Screamable Walker BrothersGraham’s band, The Quotations, often backed The Walker Brothers when they toured the UK in the 60s. At that time, screaming fans were an integral part of the music scene and the most ‘screamable’ group was The Walker Brothers. Says Graham, “I’ve been in the wings when The Beatles were playing gigs and the fans were pretty bad but at least they got through the show. But, with The Walker Brothers, at times, we couldn’t get through more than two or three songs before the fans stormed the stage and the show was brought to a standstill. It was phenomenal! There would be Johnny Goodison on keyboards, Pete ‘Greg’ McGregor and Barry Martin on sax, Graham Alexander on bass guitar, Tony Mabbett on trumpet, myself on guitar and Jimmy Buchard on drums. Gary Leeds also got on drums when he came on stage. It was usually an eight to nine piece band . We played the James Bond theme as an intro and the screams built up as each ‘brother’ was announced. First Gary Leeds came on and the momentum got going as he took his place on drums. Then, John Maus appeared and volume increased and finally, Scott Engel walked on and the whole place erupted. Pandemonium broke out and the bouncers ran up and down the stage throwing girls off only to have another take her place. The Walkers went into their first number as their fans fought to get hold of them.

Walker Bros

They regularly had their clothes ripped to pieces. Then the guys in the audience would get onto the stage and things sometimes got nasty. At a gig in Nottingham, scaffolding had been put up between the stage and the audience to protect the group. It was the first time I’d seen that and it appears things got worse after I left the band. I believe one night the girls stormed the stage at a gig and the manager turned a power hose on them. Greg McGregor was so incensed that he put his sax down, grabbed the hose, pushed the guy away and turned it on him”.


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