Surprise, Surprise on Cilla


Cilla Black

In 1964, Graham and The Quotations got back from a gig at the Starlight Ballroom in Wembley where they had been backing The Drifters. They went straight on to another gig at the Starlight Club in Stratford Place, opposite Polydor Records. It was a private surprise birthday party for Cilla Black.  Many of her friends had turned up for the event including Tom Jones, John Lennon, Steve Marriott, Twinkle, Elkie Brooks and Phil May and The Pretty Things.

It was a small club and the stage was tiny but, musicians being musicians, as the evening went they couldn’t stop themselves from making music. Eventually, several had crowded onto the stage for a jam session. Graham vaguely remembers Tom Jones on vocals with Johnny B Great on piano – the rest is lost in the mists of time. The upshot was that everyone had a great time. But the sad part is that Cilla never did turn up for her surprise party!

cilla 2





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