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It's the music that matters

Now in his 77th year, there's not much that Graham Dee doesn't know about the music industry in its prime: the Bowie and Beatles era.  Nicknamed Mr Tin Pan Alley in the '60s and '70s, he played a pivotal role behind the scenes.

Songwriter, musician, producer and A&R man, he was a recording artist for Pye, staff songwriter for United Artists and ATV Music, produced records for Polydor/Atlantic, recorded music at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studios in Alabama, and worked and toured with many great artists and bands including The Animals, Van Morrison and The Drifters.

Now, after decades out of the industry, he is returning with a vengeance.

Proving the point

"Music matters," Graham asserts with utter conviction. And to prove that it’s musicality that counts and age is immaterial, he has a well received album, The Thirteenth Man, under his belt and a growing number of projects and releases in the pipeline.

New releases

Respected indie label, Acid Jazz has included a beautiful 1979 recording of Graham’s song Sampaguita on its special collector’s album, AJX500 (read more). This limited edition vinyl, released on 29 November 2019, celebrates the label’s 500th release and showcases its present and future plans.

The focus on Graham’s music continues in 2020. On 31 January, Acid Jazz released Carnaby Street Soul West Coast Vibes on vinyl and CD, bringing together tracks from across Graham’s musical career, including Sampaguita.

Song writing

Meanwhile, Graham has returned to his first love, song writing and producing. Working in partnership with Norwich-based singer-songwriter Richard Sutton, he has well laid plans for the future.

The two will be returning to the studio in 2020 to record a selection of Sutton Dee songs themselves, and have well-known artists and bands lined up for others.

The song writing relationship was formed after Graham helped Richard produce his debut album, Paper Plane, in 2018. (read more)


31 January 2020 CD &Vinyl

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