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31 January 2020

The Missing Link - January 2020
GRAHAM DEE began playing professionally in the late ’50s. You may not know his name,
but one glance at his Discogs pages reveals a veritable Who’s Who of ’60s beat, soul and
psych familiars. He even recorded a couple of late ’70s pop albums that tick most yachtrock
As Acid Jazz continues its archival releases of Dee’s prolific work JON ‘MOJO’ MILLS tries
to keep up with the sprightly 77-year-old’s musical memories and anecdotes.

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Shindig - Jon 'Mojo' Mills


Tin-Kan Records, 2014

Penny Black Music - Malcolm Carter


One of the things that has made this particular writer smile over the last couple of decades is the way that certain people have been labeled as mod icons and even as a Modfather. It’s been said that Mod wasn’t just about fashion or music but a way of life…there’s obviously a lot of fakes about then; clever fakes admittedly but not the real thing at all. 

A name that is always missing when these so-called Mods are sprouting off about their all so obvious influences is that of Graham Dee. Dee has just turned 71; take a look at the sleeve of his latest single, ‘Duckin’ n Divin’ released on 10” vinyl for Record Store Day (and included on this album) if you can track down a copy, the clothes, that stance, the hair even, and yet we dare give the accolade The Modfather to a whippersnapper in his mid-fifties?! 

Dee has achieved so much in his life...

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Eyeplug - Nick Churchill


The Thirteenth Man - Graham Dee

I flatter myself that anyone should notice, but before we go any further I must declare an interest here, I have a songwriting credit on this album, generously bestowed on me for providing the title of track three, Emily Nuthin.

More than ever it is impossible to separate the critic from the review and this is much too close for comfort, but here we go…

The very existence of The Thirteenth Man is little short of a miracle in itself. 

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Record Collector - FEATURE



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