Musician. Songwriter. Producer.

Photography, Barnaby Newton


Dues well paid

Now in his 76th year, there's not much that Graham Dee doesn't know about music. He was nicknamed Mr Tin Pan Alley in the '60s and '70s and played a pivotal role at the time, doing a great deal behind the scenes.

Songwriter, musician, producer and A&R man, he was a recording artist for Pye, staff songwriter for United Artists and ATV Music, produced records for Polydor/Atlantic, recorded music at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studios, and worked and toured with many great artists and bands including The Animals, Van Morrison and Elkie Brooks.

After decades out of the industry, he now is returning with a vengeance.

It's the music that matters

"Music matters," Graham asserts with utter conviction. "At one time, music was all about dance. It's gone through many changes, and now it seems to be all about image. That's wrong. It's the music that matters and sod the rest. That's why I've come back."

Graham has a range of projects in the pipeline. Through 2018 and beyond he will be releasing a series of singles and ultimately a portfolio of vinyl records.

Alongside this, he has been producing an album for Norwich-based singer songwriter Richard Sutton, which was released in October 2018. "Richard has a strong song-writing talent," Graham says, "And I'm determined to see this reach out to a wider audience."

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